Gardening & Landscaping



In addition to the earth moving machines we also carry a large range of gardening and landscaping machines.

Lawn mowers, whipper snippers are only the beginning. We also carry the Deutscher he660 slasher, long reach hedge trimmers and pole saws, rotary hoes, lawn aerators and rollers, brush cutters, leaf blowers and chainsaws.

We also carry stump grinders, wood chippers (2 inches) log splitters and lots more.


Lawn Mower$44 Weekday
$66 Weekend
Whipper Snipper$44 Weekday
$66 Weekend
Brush Cutter - Blade$66 Day
$88 Weekend
Lawn Roller (water filled)$22
Lawn Aerator (water filled)$22
Lawn Aerator (Petrol)$88 day
Lawn De-thatcher/Combre (Petrol)$88 day
Soil Screed$38
Wheel Barrow$38
Leaf Blower$33 Weekday
$45 Weekend
Hedge Trimmer$45 Weekday
$55 Weekend
Hedge Trimmer Long Reach$88 Weekday
$110 Weekend
Telescopic Pole Saw$88 Weekday
$110 Weekend
Rotary Hoe (HYD) on Trailer$120 Weekday
$145 Weekend
Rotary Tiller$99 Weekday
$120 Weekend
Turf Cutter$120 Weekday
$145 Weekend
Walk Behind Trencher$150 Weekday
$195 Weekend
Mulcher CMS80 2 Inch$195 Weekday
$235 Weekend
Motorised Star Picket Rammer$66
Manual Star Picket Rammer$33
Line Marker$33 + Paint ($11 per can)
Motorised Sweeper$88 Weekday
$110 Weekend
LPG Gas Weed Burner$44 + Gas Bottle
Brick Saw$110 Weekday
$145 Weekend
Rail Saw (900mm) Tile$88 Weekday
$120 Weekend
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