Post Hole Diggers



Put that shovel down!

We can offer you an easier way of digging that hole!

We can offer you a one man post hole digger (Sthil with lock off) with a 200mm auger, or the 2 man post hole digger (4 stroke with clutch) that will do up to 250mm.

The most popular machine, the Hydraulic one man post hole digger. It’s a counter leaver machine on wheels. Being Hydraulic, it can dig a hole up to 350mm, and up to a depth of 700mm (a 500mm Ext available). Best transported on a trailer/back of Ute, but can come apart easily to fit into smaller spaces.


1 Man Post Hole Digger Hydraulic 350mm Max$110 Weekday
$135 Weekend
2 Man Post Hole Digger 250mm Max$88 Weekday
$110 Weekend
500mm extension$11
1 Man Post Hole 150mm or 200mm$77 Weekday
$99 Weekend
Auger extension 500mm or 1m$11
Post hole cleaner 300mm$22
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