Kanga Kid Track Loaders


Kanga Kid Track Loader

The Kanga Kid is the world’s smallest multi-task compact skid steer loader. With residential site access becoming increasingly smaller, it has already become a popular choice among landscapers, pool installation, builders, contractors, electrical and many more

This mini digger enables users to get hydraulic power into areas you never thought possible, enabling entry into widths of 760mm and a 4 in 1 bucket as standard

….and did I forget to mention…. it’s on tracks!

We also offer post hole attachment, with hole diametres of up to 350mm easily acheived.

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Kanga Kid Track Loader$230 Weekday
$299 Weekend
with Post Hole Augers up to 250MM & 4 in 1 Bucket$265 Weekday
$375 Weekend
350MM Auger$22

Extra Options


Trencher Attachment
Goes to a depth of 800mm, 130mm wide, perfect for power or plumbing.

Hydraulic Angle Blade
Ideal for backfilling, pushing loose soil, feed lot clean-out. The finger-tip hydraulic controlled side shift, rotates the blade from left to right through 22 degees.

For transporting bulky items, such as paving tiles, cement bags, plants, sod, turf and fence pailings. Ideal for preparing top soil for sod or turf laying and levelling bedding sand for pavers.

Ideal for breaking up hard rocky ground for garden beds or shallow excavations for concrete pavements etc.

Auger Power Head Attachment
With auger sizes 150mm, 250, 350, 450, and 600mm. Extensions shaft also available. Easy to fit to the Kanga, and easy to use.

Ideal for preparing difficult rocky soil for sod and turf. For removal of unwanted rocks and sticks leaving soil behind

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